Podcast: Podcast: The Alston Case Decision What It Means and Where Might it Lead


Podcast: A Fresh Perspective on Negotiations


Podcast: Women Leaders in SLA: Reflecting on the Past, Present and Future


Podcast: The Business of Spring Training


Podcast: Podcast: Championship Building in the NFL Offseason


Podcast: Navigating the NextGen Career of Sports Lawyers


Podcast: NCAA’s Supreme Court Battle the US Women’s Soccer Players Fight for Equal Pay and Much More*

*Courtesy of Between the Lines, A Podcast About Sports and The Law


Podcast: Social Injustice


Podcast: A Late Start to Baseball, Issues Facing Finishing a Season

Virtual Discussion from August 6, 2020


Podcast: One NIL: The Impact and Constitutionality of the Fair Pay to Play Act


Discussion about the Impact of COVID-19 on US Sport

Interviewed by: James Paterson, Senior Fellow, Sports Law Program, University of Melbourne, & Legal Counsel for Melbourne City FC


Podcast: Contracting in the Age of the Coronavirus


Podcast: Pandemic Immigration Issues for the Sports Industry


Podcast: Three Friend & Sports Lawyers Discuss Zion

Virtual Discussion from May 21, 2020


Podcast: Name, Image, and Likeness and the Future of College Sports


Podcast: COVID – 19: Will The "New Normal" Just Become The Normal??


Podcast: COVID-19: How the Sports World is Adjusting to the New Normal


Podcast: COVID-19: The Current and Potential Impact to the World of Sports


Podcast: Deep Inside Baseball


Podcast: NFL Insider/Outsider


Podcast: Ray Anderson: The Versatile "Sports Lawyer"


Podcast: Athletes and Activism


Podcast: SLA Then, Now and Tomorrow


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