Law Student Writing Competition

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2018 Winners

Loren Galloway – First Place
University of Iowa
How the Courts Fumbled on Sexual Assault– and What the NCAA Can Still Do About It

Mired Asfour – Second Place
University of Pennsylvania
More Than an Athlete: Sport as a Platform for Promoting Social Justice

James McEntee – Third Place
Harvard University
Mediation Before Arbitration

Zachary Tomlin – Fourth Place
University of San Francisco School of Law
Developments in NLRA Policy Provide UFC Athletes New Pathways to Representation

2017 Winners

Nicoleas R. Mayne – First Place
Harvard Law School
Derailing the T Train: Curbing the Abuse and Toradol in the National Football League

Nicholas Plinio – Second Place
Seton Hall University of Law
Be-Wear of Wearables: Addressing cutting-edge technology and unique data privacy challenges in the "internet age" of professional sports.

Mike Ingersoll – Third Place
UNC School of Law
Student-Athletes as Employees: Northwestern, Columbia and Unionization

2016 Winners

Tess Heisserer – First Place
Washington University in St. Louis
You Can Have Your Game But You Can’t Advertise It, Too: Fantasy Sports and the Right of Publicity

Joseph Dempewolf – Second Place
Washburn School of Law
Any Given Saturday: The NLRB Fumbles Regarding Student Athletes as Employees

DJ Rowe – Third Place
Duke Law School
It’s Time to Retire the NBA’s Rookie Salary Scale

Brantley Adams – Runner-Up
University of Mississippi
World Cup 2022: From FIFA to Terrorism

2015 Winners

Justin Bryant - First Place
University of Notre Dame Law School, Notre Dame, IN
The Federal Tax Ramifications of Paying Student-Athletes: How O'Bannon v. NCAA May be Costlier than Everyone Envisions

Susan Schwartz - Second Place
Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, CA
Fouled Out: Wells v. Xavier University and the Impact of the Title IX on the Wrongfully Accused

Brandon Knop - Third Place
Northwestern University Law School, Evanston, IL
Alex 'Roid'Riguez: Legal Alternatives for MLB Player Contract Termination in the Post-Steroid Era

2014 Winners

Caren Seenauth - First Place
Western State College of Law - Fullerton, CA
The Constitutionality of Public University Imposed Restrictions on Social Media Usage by NCAA Student Athletes

Tom Mitchell - Second Place
Washington University in St. Louis - St. Louis, MO
"Changed Dramatically": Waldrep Revisited In Response to Northwestern's Unionization Effort

Ashley Arnett - Third Place
UC Davis School of Law - Davis, CA
The Women of the NFL: What Role do Cheerleaders Play in Professional Football?

2013 Winners

Garrett Broshuis — Saint Louis University School of Law:
Death to the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor? The Continued Erosion of the Baseball Rule after Commer v. Kansas City Royals

Sam Ehrlich — Thomas Jefferson School of Law
With Many Advisors they Succeed: Fixing Baseball Amateurism in the Post-Oliver NCAA

Kaitlyn Kacsuta — Duquesne University
Age Ain't Nothing but a Number: A Critique of Application of the Nonstatutory Labor Exemption in Clarett

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