Annual Conference


2022 Annual Conference

May 12 – 14
Marriott Marquis
Atlanta, GA

"Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are core values of the Sports Lawyers Association (SLA). We stand against any conduct that conflicts with these values. Recently, voting rights legislation was passed in Georgia that imposes significant obstacles to voting, making it harder to access the right to vote, especially for African Americans and the elderly. As a result of this legislation, SLA leadership -- convened to discuss whether the currently scheduled 2022 SLA Annual Conference in Atlanta should be moved to another location. After careful consideration of all options and potential impacts, we have decided to keep the 2022 Annual Conference in Atlanta. We will come to Georgia and we will bring our values with us. We believe that the SLA can have a much greater voice and impact by keeping the Conference in Atlanta than we can have by leaving (and leaving the very people who most need our advocacy). Specifically, the SLA will: (i) contribute to and support the local economy, (with particular focus on utilizing minority-owned businesses and services); (ii) take action in the community to help combat systemic injustices, with particular focus on voting; and (iii) make philanthropic donations to organizations in Georgia with a view towards providing opportunity and contributing to sustainable social change. The theme of our 2022 Annual Conference in Atlanta will be diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging enabling us to focus on and address the very issues raised by the Georgia voting rights legislation, and discuss what we -- as a sports law community -- can and should do to prevent and/or combat systemic social injustices. We look forward to seeing you there."

2023 Annual Conference

JW Marriott LA Live
Los Angeles, CA
May 20 – 22, 2023

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