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Affiliate International Sports Law Associations

The SLA seeks to work together to pursue a mutually beneficial alliance with leading international sports law organizations to advance the development of sports law.

During the time of the alliance, SLA and other leading international sports law organizations will explore and where appropriate, pursue activities that are of benefit to their respective organizations and members, including:


Association of French Sports Lawyers

The purpose of AADS is to inform and promote in France the activity of lawyers in the field of sports law, but also to highlight the role and practice of French lawyers practicing in the field of sports, while participating in the debates, the reflection and the elaboration, in liaison with professional organizations and public authorities, of practical and deontological rules in order to accompany its members in the daily practice of their profession.


Australia/New Zealand Sports Law Association

ANZSLA is the premier not-for-profit sports law organization in the Australasian region. Formed in 1990, ANZSLA now has a membership that includes lawyers, administrators, academics, government representatives and students, with membership open to anyone with an interest in sport. ANZSLA's Mission is to provide education, advocacy and networking opportunities about legal issues in sport in Australia and New Zealand.


Japan Sports Lawyers Association

The Japanese Sports Law Association (JSLA) is the premier non-profit sports law organization in Japan, founded in 1992. The members of JSLA are lawyers, academics, administrators, government representatives and students.

JSLA's objectives, together with promoting the development of and supporting researchers, scholars, lawyers in the study of sports law, shall be to build contacts and foster cooperation with sports law associations domestically and internationally.

JSLA is dedicated to providing education, advocacy and networking opportunities about legal issues in sport.



Swiss Association for Sports Law

The ASDS is the Swiss Association for Sports Law (Association Suisse de Droit du Sport – The ASDS has been established in 1990. Its members are Swiss and non-Swiss lawyers with interests for Sports law. The ASDS organizes seminars, sports law writing competitions, academic activities for young sports lawyers and sports law specifics round-table events. Its main seminar takes place every two years in Macolin, i.e. the Swiss national training center. Membership is open to any person with an interest for sports law issues. For any information: Michele (Michael) Bernasconi, President ASDS:


The Sports Law Bar Association of Ireland

The Sports Law Bar Association of Ireland is an all-Ireland association of barristers with specialist sports law knowledge and practices. It aims to increase awareness of sports law and support barristers in providing the most up-to-date advice to sports law clients.


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